32’ L x 13’ W x 20’ H

Get ready to make a splash this 4th of July with our 🇺🇸 USA-themed inflatable water slide! Dive into the red, white, and blue excitement as you slide your way to patriotic fun. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, or neighbors, this towering slide guarantees endless laughs and refreshing thrills. So grab your swimsuit, wave your flag, and let freedom (and fun!) ring with our star-spangled inflatable masterpiece! 🎆💦


39’ L x 19’ W x 18’ H

🎉 Dive into summer fun with the exhilarating 18′ Dragons Breath 2-Piece Hybrid Inflatable Water Slide! Get ready for an epic aquatic adventure that’ll have everyone’s hearts racing and smiles beaming from ear to ear. Imagine the rush as you climb to the peak, feeling the anticipation build, then whooshing down with a splash into refreshing waters below! With its towering height and thrilling twists, this inflatable wonder is the ultimate recipe for laughter, thrills, and unforgettable memories. So, grab your sunscreen and swimsuit, because the Dragons Breath is here to ignite your summer in the coolest way possible! 🐉💦


76’ L x 24’ W x 26’ H

🎉 The Summer Shades Water Slide is sure to be the life of the parties all across the nation this summer. Catch sunny vibes with the marble blue, teal, and pink color scheme with large 3D sunglasses at the top, this water slide is dual-lane and features a large pool at the end of the detachable slip n’ slide! It is the perfect ride to emphasize for all occasions 🐉💦


40’ L x 26’ W x 20’ H

Welcome to the pixelated paradise of “Gamer Village” – where real-world excitement collides with the nostalgia of Mario’s digital universe! Step into a three-dimensional wonderland that’s a living tribute to your favorite plumber brothers.

As you cross the threshold, your surroundings transform into a symphony of vibrant colors, larger-than-life mushrooms, and iconic question blocks suspended in mid-air. Embark on an adventure of epic proportions as you bounce through the Mushroom Kingdom, with inflatable obstacles that pay homage to Mario’s daring escapades.

Leap onto the bouncy clouds to reach towering heights and make spectacular jumps, just like Mario. Slide down winding paths that mimic the exhilarating tunnels from the game. But watch out for those bouncing Koopas and mischievous Goombas – they’re determined to make your journey more thrilling!

29′ L X 14′ W X 16′ H

Get ready to ride the waves like a pro with the exhilarating 16ft Inflatable Double Lane Water Slide – Surf Time! This epic aqua adventure is the ultimate fusion of sun-soaked thrills and cool aquatic delights. Picture yourself standing at the peak, the sun shining on your face as you take in the breathtaking view of this massive dual-lane wonder.

As you take the plunge, feel the rush of adrenaline as you launch into a watery playground, the refreshing mist enveloping you. With two lanes side by side, challenge your friends and family to a race to the finish, as you slide down together in a splash-filled frenzy. The laughter and cheers will echo through the air as you conquer each twist and turn, feeling like the ultimate surfing champion.

So grab your swimsuit, slather on the sunscreen, and get ready for an epic aquatic adventure like no other. The 16ft Inflatable Double Lane Water Slide – Surf Time-SL is here to take your summer fun to the next level, guaranteeing endless laughter, joy, and memories that will make a splash in your heart forever. Get ready to ride the waves and let the good times roll!

59′ L 15 x’ W x 22′ H

The 22 Ft Coral Crush with Slip & Slide is no exception. It’s a perfect option for any event where folks want to cool off and have some adrenaline pumping fun. With an eye-catching design and bright color scheme, the 22 Ft Coral Crush with Slip & Slide adds a pop of excitement to any event.

The 22 Ft Purple Crush with Slip & Slide is the perfect inflatable for any event to give that WOW factor and is sure to provide hours of fun!

36′ L 11 x’ W x 22′ H

The Jungle Zoo 22 Ft Slide is a trip on the wild side! The slide has the spots and stripes of different animals alongside its jungle green and yellow for an eye-catching design! It provides endless fun with an optional dart board game for children to play on the side of the slide while they are not sliding. Convert to a wet slide or water slide by simply connecting any garden hose to the misting system. This slide is a fun addition to animal-themed parties and events!

This unit can be attached to the 28-foot long Jungle Zoo Slip N Slide for extra splashing fun!

34’ L x 16’ W x 8’ H

This eye-catching surf & slide is the best way to cool off in the summer! It features eye-catching water colored vinyl and 3-34′ lanes of slippery runway. Also, since this unit is made to order, so colors can be easily customized!

54’ L x 11’ W x 20’ H

This unique design will surely make this unit stand out at any event or gathering. Covered with targets from top to end, the coloring on this water slide is a bright yellow and grey marble covering the whole outside of the unit. Once you experience the thrill of sliding vertically, you continue sliding horizontally, under the targets and thru the slip ‘n slide to land in the refreshing pool. This unit is kid and adult ready…a must have.

60’4″ L x 15’6″ W x 23’6″‘ H

4′ Tropical Giant Inflatable Water slide with pool. This tropical slide makes for the perfect summer attraction. Everyone will love this awesome water slide— Riders slide down and through a slip n slide area then into a full pool.

The 24′ Tropical Giant is a two piece inflatable waterslide. It has three zippers on the back of the slide for easy deflation as well as one zipper at end of pool.

Riders slide down and land in the full pool (not inflated). The slide requires 2-3 water hoses to connect to the water misting system— it can also be used with foam machine on slip area.

The 24′ Tropical Water Slide includes 2 blowers (2HP for slide and 1HP for slip area). The slide features non-slip material throughout the climber for safety of the riders. The slide and slip area are hot welded underneath the lining so water does not leak through. For hassle-free deflation, the water slide features velcro pouches underneath. There are hooks to attach impact mats for entrance and pool areas.

28′ L x 11′ W x 15′ H

The 15’ Rainbow inflatable slide wet/dry will brighten anyone’s day! The 15’ inflatable slide features inflatable rainbow, clouds, and a smiling sun. This colorful slide from Hullaballoo Sales can be enjoyed wet or dry for fun all year round. The built-in mister system allows for hassle-free setup and riders can slide down into an inflated pool area.

There is safety netting at the top of the slide where the built-in water mister. Safety labels are displayed at the entrance of the slide for the rider’s safety.

For easy deflation, there are multiple zippers on the inflatable. All of our inflatable slides are hot welded— the sewing under the slide is hot welded to avoid water leaking into the inflatable as well as the pool area. All of our Slides are ASTM Compliant. They are made of fire retardant, high-quality, commercial vinyl. All Slides are 100% lead-free.


35′ L x 17′ x 20′ H

This 20’ Tropical Curve Inflatable Dual Slide Wet/Dry is the coolest, newest Summer attraction. The dual-lane allows for riders to safely go down at the same time into the pool area. The slides are different heights, for the more daring riders to ride down the tallest point.

The curved slide gives riders the extra thrill as they go down! This tropical theme will fit any backyard Summertime party. Enjoy the slide wet or dry, the best part is you can have fun with both!

All our slides are hot welded to prevent any water leaks into the jumper. The slide lining is removable, making it easy to replace after it has been worn down. For easy disinflation, our slides have multiple zippers. What is excellent about our Dual slide is that it can be used wet or dry, great to use for any time of the year. All of our slides are ASTM Compliant. They are made of fire retardant, high-quality, commercial vinyl. All slides are 100% lead-free.


36′ L x 13′ W x 20′ H

You won’t be able to take your eyes off of this 20′ Pirate Cove Inflatable Dual Lane Slide from Hullaballoo Sales. The pirate’s life was made for you! Slide down right under the tentacles of the smiling, giant octopus. Enjoy the dual slide wet during the warmer seasons or enjoy it dry! A great inflatable to add to your inventory that can be used all year-round.

Our inflatable slide has safety netting at the top with a built-in water mister. The safety labels are displayed at the entrance of the slide with clear patron safety instructions.

The slide lining sewing has been hot welded to avoid any water going into the inflatable as well as the pool lining. For easy disinflation, the slide has multiple zippers. All of our Slides are ASTM Compliant. They are made of fire retardant, high-quality, commercial vinyl. All Slides are 100% lead-free.


76’L x 18’W x 28’H

Our green beast will ONLY be washed in ORGANIC cleanser. The green beast, is truly, Green !
The Green Beast is a super slide at high slide and slip n slide fun. At the end of the slide there’s a small pool that is great for even the little ones. This is a backyard attraction and you’ll need a substantial amount of room for this lengthy slide. Many of our school events select this model since it can accommodate larger parties. Adults will enjoy this slide just as much as kids do.

39’L x 15’W x 19’H

Ride with dolphins on the new 19 Ft Dolphin Slide! The slide is made of high quality vinyl that will hold up under repeated use, while the gentle blues of the color scheme are pleasing to the eye. Kids in particular will enjoy racing alongside the multiple dolphins alongside the slide. This slide will be sure to make a splash at your next event!

Make this a wet unit by connecting the garden hose to the internal water bladder system. The seams are heat sealed throughout the slide areas to minimize water leaking. Safety netting prevents kids from standing up and jumping from the top while ensuring that kids can slide down securely.


49’ L x 13’ W x 20’ H

The 20′ Hoover Dam Dual Lane inflatable waterslide is a super fun themed waterslide. This will be the perfect attraction for your party or event. It features an amazing sliding angle that will really get the adrenaline going. At the bottom, riders continue down 26′ of additional sliding fun before landing in the pool. This themed water slide will blow your mind! It’s perfect for schools, churches, summer camps and more.


63’ L x 15’ W x 20’ H

For fun or for competition, this volcano, dinosaur themed dual lane slide will serve as amusement for both young and young at heart. Begin at the back of the slide as you gather your courage to brave into the jungle, thru the volcano and down the slide, riding the red hot lava all the way to the end of the pool to cool off and avoid the emerging dinosaurs!

22’ L x 10’ W x 15’ H

Our tropical themed, Jungle Water Slide is perfect for children 10 and under. This single lane slide is sure to provide hours of energy releasing, hot weather beating fun! It’s vibrant colors set it apart from the rest. Sure to be a hit at your next event.


25’ L x 10’ W x 16’ H

Staggering slide with toxic curb appeal. Imagine, there’s only 10 minutes left to escape the nuclear power plant and avoid being caught in a severe nuclear meltdown accident. Try to remain calm while you glide down the slide and slip away into the safety of the water filled pool and away from the disaster. Take a wild ride on our Meltdown water slide.


75′ L x 24′ W x 22′ H

This exhilarating snow and flake covered cabin and mountain motif slide is a wonderment that will leave all your guests stupefied! Climb aboard and go through the cabin to climb the towering 35-ft high slide. That’s not all though, to add to the experience, you will be sliding down on an inner tube! Once you’re at the top, pick-a-lane, climb in and be sure to keep your hands and feet inside while you hold on tight because this will be fast. So fast in fact, that it will be over before you know it and all you’ll know for certain is that you want to go again!

28′ L x 11′ W x 16′ H

Up the steps you go on this wonderfully decorated slide. It is filled with hollies, wreaths, balls, stocking, hat, tree and even a gingerbread man. Certainly, don’t forget, the man himself, Old Saint Nick! This perfect slide for all ages will, without a doubt, bring in and spread the holiday cheer to any event.

56’ L x 16’ W x 20’ H

Send your guests on a tropical island adventure with this massive inflatable water slide. The Tropical Triple Lane Water slide features a triple lane slide with an extended landing that shoots you right into a refreshing pool of water. Great for all ages and outdoor parties! Brightly colored palm trees give that cool island feel, and mesh control top ensures riders slide down safely. Grab your friends and family and come hang 10 on this beautiful water slide! Near or far from the ocean make a splash at your next event!


23′ L x 29′ W x 27′ H

Are you brave enough to walk into a tiger’s mouth? This larger than life inflatable slide brings thrilling excitement to guests of all ages. Take a wild ride down the dual-lane slides again and again. Brightly colored, and straight out of the jungle, this saber-tooth tiger is a huge hit at any event!

39′ L x 21’6″ W x 27′ H

Take a chilling plunge in this arctic-themed inflatable slide. Polar bears, penguins, and seals decorate this winter-themed inflatable and gives riders fun in the snow, even in South Florida! This dual lane slide comes complete with an igloo entrance and mesh top to ensure riders slide down safely. Great for winter parties, holiday events and more!

37′ L x 32′ W x 28′ 6” H

The Magic Dragon’s realistic scales, claws, and mouth are as impressive as it’s body length! This massive inflatable slide is the main attraction at any event, and guaranteed fun for all ages. Climb up through the dragons tail, and take a winding ride down and exit through the jaws of the beast! Digitally printed, and larger than life, you can’t miss this at your next event!

35′ L x 19′ W x 22′ H

Shred for hours with this extreme sports themed inflatable slide. Two competitors at a time slide down the brightly-colored inflatable for xtreme fun and action. The covered top ensures riders slide down safely and keeps the unit cool during the hot summer months. Great for all ages and all South Florida events!

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