Now, so much more to the

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

No time to dedicate to keeping your company’s books? Need help with balancing your checkbook and preparing financial reports? On the hunt for COVID-19 financial monies but can’t keep up with all the changes, applications and documents needed? PPP? EIDL? PPP2? FORGIVENESS? Let our knowledgeable, trustworthy team put everything in order for you. Backed by many years of experience in the party rental industry and versed in the government financial application process.

Liquidation Services

Whether you’re in South Florida or any other part of the nation, we have so much to offer. Our liquidation team offers a wide assortment of services specializing in the party rental/event industry; knowledgeable, trustworthy and with many years of experience. We offer vast equipment knowledge, shipping capability and 24/7 access.

Warehouse Space & Event Share

Having experienced, what can only be compared to a seismic shift, in the events industry, sharing space, resources, means, knowledge and experience has paved the way towards staying alive and afloat for many companies. All Star Events founded EventShareMiami with the end of serving in a mentor capacity to smaller companies, as well as, giving them and us the avenue to travel towards helping each other not become victims of COVID-19. Sharing warehouse space, sharing events and forming an alliance has been, key, on the road to achieving this goal.

Sanitizing and Cleaning Services

In keeping with our ‘new’ normal and safety at home and in the office, we are now offering both cleaning and sanitizing services. Whether you need conventional, weekly or monthly, cleaning for your home or office or sanitizing spray services for your disinfecting needs. Call one of our Team Members now to book our services.

Moving and Deliveries

We realize that the financial strains still being caused due to COVID-19 have left many having to look at moving and/or relocating whether for home or business. Let our friendly, safe, back-ground checked team members help you with all of your moving and delivery needs. Relocating your business? Need a furniture purchase picked up and delivered to your home or office? Moving in with family? Call one of our Team Members now to book our services.

Moving and Deliveries

Need shopping assistance? Let one of our friendly, safe, back-ground checked team members do the work for you. Not able to travel due to a transportation problem, COVID high risk individual, mobility issue? No matter the reason, we are here to help. Whether you need groceries or personal items or even for miscellaneous pick-ups and deliveries. Call one of our Team Members now to book our services.